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Guardian Assist helps adults in need by balancing autonomy with protection of POA Conservators and Guardians.


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Why is Guardian Assist Needed?

Individuals who are “incapacitated” have few if any choices as to how their affairs are managed. GA provides an individualized, value-based approach for supported decision making that currently is unavailable. GA will provide these supports to individuals who are aging or experiencing serious disability that exposes them to risk of illness, exploitation, death, and abuse. GA will balance autonomy with protection in a way that responds to the individual’s needs and provides dignified choice. GA will alleviate the agonizing decisions family members are left making and allow supportive and compassionate professionals to help where the courts often fall short.

** (powers of atty) GA allows individuals to express their healthcare and financial preferences when family members are unable.

Why is funding needed?

While the court system has a procedure for appointing someone to make healthcare and financial decisions, that appointment is not made with any consideration to the individuals’ preference, needs, personality, goals, and values. Currently, there is no funding source through State, Local or National sources for this type of program. Missouri has no organization that provides these services. Organizations of this type exist in other states and are completely funded by donations and grants. Your donation is essential to the existence of Guardian Assist!

Covering the basics: Keep it simple.

A modest donation helps an individual assign a trustworthy power of attorney of their choosing to pay bills and maintain financial independence. Your donation helps prevent financial abuse of individuals who are vulnerable or disabled. Your donation can also help GA clients maintain physical and mental health with transportation to and from physicians and therapy appointments. ($25-99ea)

Inspire powerful change:

Your generous donation helps fund our professionals who will provide consent for hospitalization that is dignified, informed, and supportive. It helps find healthy, safe and least restrictive living environments for individuals with reduced decision making abilities. Your donation can help fund the creation of durable powers of attorney for an individual, allowing them to make choices about the decisions they want and who will advocate for them. Your donation can support membership for seniors to participate in meaningful social activities at local recreation centers. ($100-499)

Thinking Big:

A substantial donation to GA will help pay for a decision-maker under a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Financial matters or a Guardian and Conservator to fulfill their daily needs, support safe living in their own home, maintain independence for as long as possible, financial management and avoid exploitation. ($500-2500+)

Choosing how you will make an impact:

Program 1—Decision Makers Appointed Under Powers of Attorney—This is our first line of defense! It allows individuals to appoint who they want and obviates the need for guardianship down the road. This saves families heartache and money.

Program 2—Guardians for personal decision making and Conservators for financial decision making by Court Appointment—In the event an individual must have a guardian or conservator appointment, this program will allow individuals to choose a professional other than those offered through the courts or an unprepared family member. GA will provide guardians and conservators who are professional and focused on the dignity, preferences, values, and the individual.