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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does Decision Advocates provide financial services?
A: Currently, Decision Advocates doesn’t provide financial services. However, we’re dedicated to assisting our clients comprehensively. Should you require financial assistance, we’re happy to direct you to suitable resources that align with your needs and circumstances.
Q. Can there be more than one Health Care Power of Attorney?
A: Absolutely. The ability to appoint multiple Health Care Powers of Attorney exists, but the decision to do so depends on the specific requirements and nuances of each individual situation. It’s essential to assess the dynamics and intricacies involved to determine what’s most suitable and effective for your unique circumstances.
Q. Are there costs associated with your services?

A: Yes, Decision Advocates operates with an enrollment fee structure in addition to hourly costs for our services. We strive to provide transparent pricing and ensure that our clients understand the financial aspects involved in accessing our expertise and assistance.

Q. Can more than one person be appointed for a legal guardianship?
A: While it’s not common for multiple individuals to be appointed for a legal guardianship, it’s not entirely unprecedented. Ultimately, the decision rests with the court, which evaluates each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine the most suitable arrangement. Factors such as the ward’s best interests and the capabilities of potential guardians are carefully considered in this process.